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What are the causes of color difference in injection molding

Release time:2019-12-17

      What should I consider when choosing an injection molding manufacturer? Injection molding products are used in many fields of life. There are many manufacturers engaged in injection molding in the market. Which one should be chosen among the many injection molding manufacturers? This problem is concerned by many customers, so it is important to understand the factors to be considered when choosing injection molding manufacturers     
Factors to be considered in the correct selection of injection molding manufacturers

① Raw material factors: including toner replacement, plastic material brand change, setting agent replacement.

②Different types of raw materials: for example, PP material and ABS material or PC material require the same color, but there is slight color difference due to different types of materials, but a limited range is allowed.

③ Equipment and process reasons: the temperature, pressure and melt time in the injection molding process will also cause color difference problems. In addition, process factors such as different batches of mixing materials and different machine beer will also affect.

④ Environmental factors: generally, the material barrel is not cleaned, the drying hopper is dusty, and the mold is greasy.

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