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Characteristics of insert injection molding processing technology

Release time:2021-07-09

Insert molding refers to the molding method in which pre prepared inserts made of different materials are inserted into the mold and then injected with resin, and the molten materials are bonded and solidified with the inserts to make an integrated product.

Out SERT molding (out SERT molding) refers to the method of inserting injection molded parts on the part of the metal plate surface.

The above two molding methods are essentially the same, and their characteristics are as follows.

1. The combination of resin's formability, bending and metal's rigidity, strength and heat resistance can firmly make complex and exquisite metal plastic integrated products.

2. In particular, the combination of insulation of resin and conductivity of metal is applied, and the formed products can meet the basic functions of electrical products.

3. The pre molding combination of multiple inserts makes the post engineering of product unit combination more reasonable.

4. Insert products are not limited to metal, but also cloth, paper, wire, plastic, glass, wood, wire coil, electrical parts, etc.

5. For the rigid molded products and the bending elastic molded products on the rubber sealing base plate, after the injection molding on the substrate to make the integrated products, the complex operation of arranging the sealing rings can be omitted, making the automatic combination of the subsequent processes easier.

6. Due to the connection between molten materials and metal inserts, compared with the press molding method, the gap of metal inserts can be designed to be narrower, and the forming reliability of composite products is higher..

7. Choose appropriate resin and molding conditions, that is, products that are easy to be damaged (such as glass, coils, electrical parts, etc.) can also be sealed and fixed by resin.

8. Select the appropriate mold structure, and the inserts can also be completely sealed into the resin.

9. After the insert is formed, it can also be made into products with hollow grooves after core removal.

10. With the combination of vertical injection molding machine, manipulator and whole column installation of inserts, most of the insert molding projects can complete automatic consumption.

Precautions for design and selection of automatic insert molding system

1. The forming shrinkage of metal inserts is easy to be uneven. Limit tests on the shape and dimensional accuracy of important parts should be done in advance.

2. During the injection process, the metal insert is easy to deform and shift, so we should fully consider the mold composition and easily adhere to the mold shape design of the metal insert. For products whose insert shape cannot be changed, prior experiments are indispensable.

3. In places where metal inserts are arranged separately and the escort is used, the contact between metal inserts and between inserts and vibrating ball will cause slight damage to the appearance of inserts and affect the production and quality. The allowable limit range of quality shall be confirmed in advance.

4. The sawtooth shape, warpage, data thickness difference, diameter difference and thickness difference caused by gold deposition of metal inserts due to stamping processing should be measured in advance. On this basis, the supporting selection design of automatic installation and the design of mold structure are stopped.

5. Predictable matters that restrict the mold structure, such as the position and mode of the mold gate and the molding cycle, should be handled in advance as far as possible or there should be corresponding improvement countermeasures.

6. Confirm whether the metal inserts can be preheated or dried. The purpose is to ensure the stability of production, quality and molding.

7. Various detection devices set in the mold are used to ensure the stability of forming action under the influence of environmental conditions such as mold heating, force and vibration. Whether they can be used should be confirmed.

8. In order to prevent the fine pieces of metal inserts and molded products from accumulating in the mold cavity, air blowing installation can be assembled if necessary.

9. Due to the high investment price of the system equipment, we should fully consider whether we can ensure the consumption of the equipment after operation. When using special machines, it is necessary to ensure that the products can be continuously consumed without any way of renewal for several years.

10. When using general-purpose machines, it is necessary to confirm that there are several combinations of inserts with many types and few batches. If mass consumption cannot be guaranteed as a whole, the recovery of fixed assets of each product is difficult. In this case, it is necessary to change a part of the installation to comply with the category update request within a certain range.

11. The accuracy of metal inserts, the shape of inserts, whether the mold is conducive to the molding of inserts and the shape of molded products and other elements and technical solutions are needed to determine the molding rate, consumption and molding cost of inserts.

12. The effective combination of injection machine, mold and automatic installation and how to function in a short time are the key to determine the automatic insert molding system.

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