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Application of surveillance camera shell in security industry

Release time:2021-08-12

The camera shell is usually used to maintain the camera. Most scenes of the camera are applied indoors, which is a big test about the waterproof and hardness of the camera shell.

With the rapid development of the security industry, there are many camera shell brands in the market. Under normal circumstances, we mainly distinguish between indoor and outdoor shells by their size and whether the surface treatment is qualified. The security function is mainly dust-proof, waterproof and damage proof. Therefore, the requirements for its waterproof performance, dust detection and shell consolidation level are very high. There is usually a rating specification.

The sealing performance of the security shell must be good to ensure that rainwater cannot enter the protective cover to corrode the camera. Some outdoor security enclosures are also equipped with exhaust fans, wipers and other equipment that can be better maintained.

In recent years, with the prosperity of the security industry, many manufacturers who do not have the ability to develop and innovate products blindly rely on counterfeiting to make profits. Generally, it depends on which product in the market sells well and which one is imitated. It simply does not pay attention to the quality of the product. In terms of technology, it is also possible to steal and save. As a result, most of the cameras in the market are of the same shape, the same style, and the quality is not high, And many camera manufacturers fall into the vicious circle of operation with the same products, lack of characteristics, no selling points, and can only compete with low-cost money. This is the reason why many of them look the same but have great differences in price.

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