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Plastic shell raw materials

Release time:2021-09-13

Thermoplastic made of polycarbonate and ABS alloy, which combines the excellent characteristics of the two materials, the formability of ABS materials and the mechanical properties, impact strength, temperature resistance and UV resistance of PC, can be widely used in automotive internal parts, office equipment, communication equipment, household appliances and lighting equipment.

Typical applications: computer and business machine housings, electrical equipment, lawn gardening machines, auto parts dashboard, interior decoration and wheel housing.

Injection molding process conditions:
1. Drying treatment: drying treatment must be carried out before processing. The humidity should be less than 0.04%, and the recommended drying condition is 90~110c, 2~4 hours.
2. Melting temperature: 230~300c.
3. Mold temperature: 50~100c.
4. Injection pressure: depends on the plastic part.
5. Injection speed: as high as possible.

Chemical and physical properties: pc/abs combines the comprehensive properties of PC and ABS. For example, the processability of ABS and the excellent mechanical properties and thermal stability of PC. The ratio of the two will affect the thermal stability of pc/abs materials.

Pc/abs blends also exhibit excellent flow characteristics. The shrinkage is about 0.5%. Pc/abs is a modified engineering plastic synthesized by mixing. PC is polycarbonate, and ABS plastic is a terpolymer of acrylonitrile (a), butadiene (b) and styrene (s). This modified plastic has better properties than pure PC and ABS, such as improving impact resistance, heat resistance and hardness.

Characteristics of PC ABS plastic materials:
1. The fluidity is slightly worse than hips, better than PMMA, PC, etc., and the flexibility is good.

2. There are high impact resistance, high heat resistance, (flame retardant) fire V0, enhanced, transparent and other levels.

3. It has good weldability with 372 plexiglass and is made of two-color plastic parts. The surface can be plated with chromium and painted.

4. Good comprehensive performance, high impact strength, good chemical stability and good electrical performance.

Uses: computer equipment shell, other computer parts, typewriter shell, camera, mobile phone and other commercial machine shell, electrical equipment, electronic and electrical parts, small household appliance parts, hair dryer, connector, word processor, medical equipment parts, office supplies, cosmetics containers, food tray, lawn and gardening machinery, automobile headlamp frame, tail lamp cover, instrument panel, interior decoration, wheel cover, food tray, etc.

Processing conditions of PC ABS plastic raw materials:

Drying temperature: 104-110 ℃

Drying time: 3.0-4.0 hours

Recommended injection volume: 30-80%

Recommended maximum moisture content: 0.040%

Barrel temperature: 60.0-80.0 ℃

Temperature at the rear of the barrel: 249-288 ℃

Temperature in the middle of the barrel: 254-293 ℃

Temperature in front of barrel: 260-302c

Nozzle temperature: 274-302c

Processing (melt) temperature: 274-302c

Mold temperature: 60.0-87.8 ℃

Back pressure: 0.345-0.689 MPa

Screw speed: 40-70 rpm

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