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Common sense, process and requirements in the processing of medical device shell

Release time:2022-02-14

There is still a lot of common sense to master about the processing skills of medical device shells. On this basis, it is possible to better use this skill to process high-quality medical device shells, providing a stable foundation for all kinds of medical devices.

It is understood that the processing skills of medical device shells are one of the key skills that sheet metal technicians need to master, and it is also an important process of sheet metal product molding. Its main processing technology includes processing root, cutting and blanking, zigzag processing, calendering processing, local processing, processing equipment and other skills.

The processing of medical device shell can be understood and prepared from the basic principle, process flow and application data, and then the data can be processed through punching, blanking and melting, stretch bending, roll bending and bending, calendering and spinning, bulging and other processes, and the required parts can be obtained by cooperating with various processing equipment and skills.

In addition to the strict requirements in the production process, the quality of medical device shell processing needs to be independent of production quality inspection. On the one hand, the requirements are strict, and the scale is strictly controlled according to the product drawings. On the other hand, the appearance quality of the medical device shell is strictly controlled.

If the size is found to be inconsistent during product inspection, it should be repaired or scrapped in time; If the appearance of the medical device shell is scratched, it should be reprocessed. In addition, the inspection of color difference, corrosion resistance and adhesion after spraying is also one of the links in the processing of medical device shells.

The reason why we attach importance to the inspection link of medical device shell processing is that we can find errors in drawings, bad habits and errors in the process, so that we can correct them in future operations, and improve the processing quality of medical device shells.


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