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Advantages of power plastic shell

Release time:2022-03-17

The plastic shell of power supply is quite common in life. With the continuous popularization of mobile phones and the use of some household appliances, the requirements for power supply equipment are getting higher and higher, and it is also quite common in daily use. Therefore, there are also requirements for the shell of power supply equipment. Most of the shells seen in life are power supply plastic shells, and the shells with poor insulation are rarely used. What are the advantages of power supply plastic shells?


1. An obvious advantage is its insulation. You should know that the plastic shell of the power supply itself is non-conductive, and the insulation performance is better than other shells. In daily use, it can well protect our power safety, which is very important, and it is also one of the reasons why the plastic shell of power supply can be loved by many people.

2. It is light and easy to carry. You know, compared with those aluminum alloy or steel shells, the power supply plastic shell itself is much lighter, and it is also convenient for its own processing. Its performance is still quite promising.

3. Because it is made of plastic, the processing is relatively simple. You can print patterns or words on it according to your actual needs, which can meet the needs of enterprises to pursue personalized images to a certain extent;

4. Although the plastic shell of the power supply is made of plastic, its durability is very good. Although its strength is not as strong as aluminum alloy, it is more than enough for daily use. The shell is rarely damaged. Unless it is caused by external force majeure factors, its service life is quite long.

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