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Causes of mold scale formation of plastic shell

Release time:2023-06-20

Now plastic shell plays a very important role in people's life. Plastic shell is widely used in many industries. While enjoying the convenience brought by the plastic shell, have we considered what causes the mold scale of the plastic shell? In order to let you know the causes of the mold scale of the plastic shell and how to solve this problem at high speed, let's take a look at the following content with me.


The first reason for the formation of mold scale in plastic shell is the given decomposition product of plastic shell, which is usually caused by excessive shear force of melt flow and improper exhaust during the injection molding process of plastic shell. Usually, this kind of mold scale is caused by the combination of different factors. It is very troublesome to find out what causes this situation and make it happen, and the resulting mold scale will generally form after many days.

The type of mold scale of plastic shell, when producing various additives, will leave specific mold scale. Under high temperature, the flame retardant will reflect and form decomposition, in this case, mold scale may occur. Similarly, in the marketing caused by excessive impact agents or extreme shear force, polymer products remaining on the surface of the mold cavity will also form mold scale.

However, after the sudden appearance of mold scale, it may be because the molding conditions of the plastic shell have changed or different raw materials have not been replaced. The mold scale can be improved by checking the exhaust conditions of the sol and plastic shell.

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