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Application scope of power plastic shell

Release time:2022-03-30

Power plastic shell is now a very common item in our daily life, and the use of power plastic shell is also in great demand in most industries, so some friends are not particularly familiar with the knowledge of power plastic shell, so let's talk about the application scope of power plastic shell with you, so that you can better understand the wide application scope of power plastic shell.

First of all, in addition to the power plastic, there is also a charger shell in the industry. Maybe everyone should know what the charger shell is. Because everyone has his own mobile phone, there must be a charger shell to match, and the charger shell is one of the applications of the power plastic shell.

Next, the project using the power supply plastic shell is the adapter shell. Usually, the adapter shell is the power supply plastic shell. Because the power supply plastic shell has the characteristics of good impact resistance, it can greatly improve the service life and durability of the adapter shell.


And now the power supply plastic shell is still used on the security power supply shell, which is a kind of shell under the power supply plastic shell. Usually, the function of the power supply plastic shell is to protect the security power supply shell from static electricity, so that the security tools can work better.

In fact, the charging power supply housing of the balance car, which is popular in life, is also the scope of application of the plastic housing of the power supply. When charging the balance car, it can better protect you from leakage, and provide a good guarantee for your life safety.

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