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Commonly used plastic household appliance shell

Release time:2022-04-12

ABS plastic is generally used as the shell of traditional household appliances. ABS plastic is widely used in automotive, home appliances, machinery industry and other fields because of its wide range of raw materials, easy molding and processing, excellent impact properties and other characteristics. However, with the rise of raw material prices, taking into account the comprehensive performance and price factors, other alternative materials such as reinforced and toughened PP, hips, etc. It has appeared in ABS engineering plastics of household appliance shells. The following is a brief introduction to the collection of commonly used household appliance shell materials:

1. Television

The plastic used for TV shell has experienced the development process from ABS to hips and modified pp. at present, ABS is used for large TV shell, modified PP is used for small TV shell, and modified PP, hips and ABS are used for medium-sized TV shell.

2. Air conditioning

In addition to the power part, outdoor casing and fixed plate, almost all air conditioners are made of plastic materials. The use of plastic accounts for 20-30%, and the main varieties involved are PS, PP, as and ABS.

3. Washing machine

The plastic parts used in the washing machine include inner cylinder, water spray pipe, inner cover plate, base, drainage pipe, gear, impeller, etc. the main plastic types involved include PP, modified PP, ABS, LDPE, POM and gfpa.


4. Refrigerator

The plastic parts used in refrigerators include liners, door linings, door frames, top frames, sealing strips, handles and heat insulation strips, which account for 40-45% of the weight of refrigerators. The main plastic products involved include ABS, hips, PP, PE, PVC and PU.

5. Loudspeaker

The plastic components used in the loudspeaker include chassis, cover, insulating materials, decorative parts, plugs, etc. the main varieties involved include PS, PP, hips, ABS, as, PMMA, etc.

6. Electric fan

Plastic parts for electric fans include fan blades, fan shells, buttons, knobs, etc. the main varieties involved include ABS, hips, modified PP, etc.

7. Computer

Home computers and their accessories are all plastic, and the commonly used plastics for their keyboards are ABS, hips, PBT; PVC is used as insulating material for connecting wires and connectors; ABS, hips, modified PP, pvc/abs alloys for display; The shell of notebook computer is made of pc/abs alloy.

8. Others

The shell of the water dispenser adopts ABS, hips and modified PP, and the bucket adopts PC.

The knob in the water heater adopts ABS, and the smoke exhaust pipe adopts PVC corrugated pipe.

ABS, hips and modified PP are used for the shell of vacuum cleaner, and soft PVC is used for handle and hose.

The handles and keys of the electric iron use ABS and hips, and the plastics used in other parts include PC, PA, PBT, PPO, modified PP, etc.

The plastics used in microwave ovens, induction cookers, dishwashers, range hoods and rice cookers mainly include ABS, hips, modified PP, etc.

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