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Conditions to be met in injection molding production

Release time:2023-08-16

Due to the high fluidity of plastics,Injection moldingThere will be some errors between the produced plastic parts and the drawings, especially for some injection molded parts with high dimensional accuracy requirements.

There are many factors that affect the accuracy of injection molded parts in injection molding production. First, the manufacturing accuracy of injection mold and the degree of wear of the mold, followed by the fluctuation of plastic shrinkage, the change of process conditions in injection molding production, the aging change of injection molded parts and the structural shape of the mold.

In fact, many products have not reached the service life at the beginning, resulting in many factors. On the one hand, the product parts can not reach the original design size. A complete product is composed of several or even tens of thousands of parts, and the size can not meet the design requirements, resulting in problems in the use process.


In recent years, the precision injection molding production industry has also developed rapidly, so what is generally needed to meet the requirements of precision injection molding production?

1) With advanced injection molding machine equipment, injection molding machine is the cornerstone of injection molding, just like building a house. If the foundation is unstable, the house is in danger of collapse.

2) Injection mold manufacturing and injection molding production industry are inseparable from injection mold. Injection mold with superior performance can add a lot of points to precision injection molding production.

3) Injection molding production operations, there is no excellent injection molding production engineer, no matter how good the injection molding equipment is useless.

4) Purchase raw materials for injection molding processing and production. Even for the same plastic, different processing and production processes will lead to different properties of injection molded parts.

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