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Processing technology and main forms of plastic shell

Release time:2023-07-27

Plastic shellIt is a shell product made of plastic materials. What is the specific processing technology of this shell?

1. Bonding:

Plastic shell processing technology refers to the application of imported special adhesives, such as PC, acrylic, etc., to bond and process plastic shell materials to ensure bonding strength, no heterotopic bonding parts, high precision, no deformation, no cracking, and good appearance.

2. Polishing:

Plastic shell polishing mainly refers to the subsequent processing of the cut or carved section of the plastic shell.

3. Printing:

Almost all flat plastic shells can be printed. It can be processed as needed. However, the general plastic shell printing is better in the dust-free workshop, and the printing effect will be better.


The main processing forms of plastic shell are as follows:

1. Injection molding method: the plastic pallet products produced by injection molding method are flat, smooth, crisp and dense, and the product design freedom is large. They can be divided into double-sided integral plastic pallet and double-sided assembled plastic pallet.

2. Extrusion hollow blow molding method: the extrusion hollow blow molding method in plastic shell processing is similar to the blow molding method of general hollow products, because its products are large and double-sided, which requires large extruders, clamping machines and molds.

3. Extrusion method: plastic pallets produced by this method are assembled. That is, using extruder, head and other equipment, respectively extrude the lath as the upper and lower panels and the compound wing I-shaped connecting plate as the connecting support, and then assemble. The emergence of wood plastic composites has promoted the development of plastic pallets by extrusion molding.

4. Vacuum Blister molding method: plastic shell processing plastic pallets produced by vacuum Blister molding method can be divided into single-sided and double-sided types. Single sided blister pallets are mostly used for the packaging and transportation of small motors, wire pallets, etc. they have developed rapidly in recent years, mainly for special purposes.

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