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Function of plastic shell of power supply

Release time:2023-07-05

Life is full of a large number of packaging materials, whether cartons or those we commonly usePlastic shell of power supply, which is widely used in life and can be seen everywhere. In particular, the plastic shell of power supply that we are going to talk about today is widely used. Whether it is your mobile phone shell, charger jacket, or some plastic shell of power supply, plastic is used for appearance packaging. What is the function of the plastic shell of power supply, or what are the characteristics of the plastic shell of power supply?


In fact, we have seen a lot of plastic power cases. In addition to the above, we can see their existence in some car stereos, the plastic shell of the power supply of the conversion head, or most of the electrical equipment at home. Therefore, I think you have guessed the main purpose of the plastic shell of power supply. Yes, it's insulation. Nowadays, electricity is closely related to our life, and even shows a trend of dependence. It is not uncommon to often operate with electricity in life. The plastic shell of the power supply plays an insulating role to prevent us from electric shock accidents, which to a certain extent ensures our life safety and makes electricity safer.

The plastic shell of the power supply also plays a good role in fixing. You know, many electrical parts are relatively scattered, and the installation depends on the packaging of the appearance. Take our mobile phone charger shell as an example, there may be fuses or some thin wires inside. The plastic shell of the power supply just fixes them inside, just like a buckle, which can be stuck inside, Then the wires can be extended for power transmission. Of course, for some power supply plastic shells that need to be fixed on the wall or on the floor of machinery and equipment, we can also use screws to fix the power supply plastic shells. Of course, if you choose to use steel as the shell, it is difficult to do this, and it takes a lot of time, so this is also a benefit of the power plastic shell itself;

Another function that has to be mentioned is that it will look more beautiful in appearance. There are many different types of shells on the market, and the different patterns on the surface also make it particularly dazzling and eye-catching. It even makes a customized one, and customizes its own favorite patterns on it, resulting in its magnificent and beautiful appearance.

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