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Advantages of power plastic shell

Release time:2024-05-06

With the continuous progress of the times, many different shell materials are emerging in endlessly, including our more traditional steel shell materials, wood shell materials, and today's high-tech nano materials. But today we are going to talk about the power supply plastic shell materials closely related to our life. I believe everyone is not unfamiliar with the shell materials in life. The common one is the charger shell of our electric vehicles, The most common is the charger shell we often rely on. Most of these shell materials are also made of rubber, and even many audios are made of power plastic shell. So what is the function of plastic shell material for power supply? What advantages does it have? Now let me introduce it to you Plastic shell of power supplyAdvantages!


1. Most plastics in life have strong corrosion resistance and are difficult to react with acid and alkali. The shell made of plastic material can also protect internal accessories to a certain extent and avoid corrosion caused by some uncertain external factors;

2. Because the manufacturing cost of plastic is relatively low, the purchase cost of plastic shell of power supply is not much higher, and it can be easily molded into different shapes to meet the different needs of many users;

3. No one would object that the plastic shell of the power supply is a good insulator, and most electrical devices in life are also encapsulated with the plastic shell of the power supply. First, it protects some internal electronic accessories, and second, it can play a better insulation role to avoid electric shock to the human body.

4. Of course, in addition to the above advantages, the weight of the power supply plastic shell itself is quite light, so it is also very convenient to carry.

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