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The difference of fuel injection method between plastic shell and hardware shell

Release time:2023-08-02

In fact, fuel injection is a name. In today's society,Plastic shellThe application of fuel injection technology is more and more extensive, and its development space is also larger and larger. Therefore, two fuel injection classifications are derived. One is the technology of fuel injection process for metal shell, and the other is the technology of fuel injection process for plastic shell. So what's the difference between the two? Today, let's talk about the difference between plastic shell oil injection process and hardware shell oil injection process.


Technology of plastic shell oil injection process:

Generally, the groove degree of the oil spray processing color of the plastic shell is more than 10, and do not choose low gloss matte, because its surface hardness will be lower than 1h, and the oil spray processing is not wear-resistant. In order to improve the wear resistance, it is generally required that the hardness of the paint after drying is more than 2h, but when the hardness is too high, the paint will become very brittle, so the general surface hardness should not exceed 4h, in order to make the oil spray processing meet the requirements of surface hardness, Generally, double combination cross-linked paint is used, and the edge line of oil spraying processing at the same time is difficult to be straight, which often has defects caused by flying oil. Plastic shell fuel injection technology is a surface processing method, called thermal fuel injection, which is to heat the thermal fuel injection material to the molten or semi molten state through the heat source, spray it on the workpiece surface after atomization by high-pressure air flow, and form a special coating on the workpiece surface. In the case of a large number of "overlapping continuous deposition" of plastic particles, the combination between particles should be mostly mechanical, and there must be a certain number of holes. At the same time, thermal oil injection is carried out in the air, and the particles in the molten state will be oxidized, so there should be oxide inclusions in the coating.

Technology of fuel injection process for hardware shell:

This is a special term. You may feel strange when you hear it. Special paint processing products include auto parts, home appliance shell, mobile phone shell, fitness equipment, computer shell, audio shell, etc. The so-called hardware shell oil spray is to spray the hardware materials.

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