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Material properties of plastic shell of power supply

Release time:2024-06-19

1、 Light weight

LED WaterproofPlastic shell of power supplyIt is a light material with a relative density of 0.90~2.2. Obviously, can the plastic shell of LED waterproof power supply float to the water? In particular, the foamed led waterproof power supply plastic shell has micropores, so the texture is relatively light, and the relative density is only 0.01. This feature makes the plastic shell of LED waterproof power supply can be used to produce products that need to reduce self weight.

2、 Excellent chemical stability

Most of the waterproof plastic shells of LED power supply have good corrosion resistance to acid, alkali and other chemicals. In particular, the chemical stability of polytetrafluoroethylene (F4), commonly known as the plastic shell of LED waterproof power supply, is even better than gold. It will not deteriorate after boiling in "aqua regia" for more than ten hours. F4 is an ideal corrosion-resistant material because of its excellent chemical stability.


3、 Excellent electrical insulation

The plastic shell of ordinary led waterproof power supply is a poor conductor of electricity, and its surface resistance and volume resistance are very large, which can reach 109~1018 ohms in numbers. The breakdown voltage is large, and the dielectric loss tangent is very small. Therefore, led waterproof power plastic shell is widely used in the electronic industry and machinery industry.

4、 It is a poor conductor of heat, which has the effect of silencing and shock absorption

Generally speaking, the thermal conductivity of the plastic shell of LED waterproof power supply is relatively low, equivalent to 1/75-1/225 of steel. The pores of the plastic shell of foam led waterproof power supply contain gas, so its heat insulation, sound insulation and seismic performance are better. For example, the thermal conductivity of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is only 1/357 of steel and 1/1250 of aluminum. In terms of thermal insulation capacity, single glass plastic windows are 40% higher than single glass aluminum windows, and double glass windows are 50% higher. The window of LED waterproof power supply plastic shell can be used in residential buildings, office buildings, wards and hotels after being combined with insulating glass, saving heating and air conditioning costs in winter and summer, with obvious benefits.

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