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Choose which power supply plastic shell is safer

Release time:2024-02-21

Which one to choosePower supply plastic shellMore secure? The plastic shell of the power supply is usually made of plastic rubber, which can play an insulating role. At the same time, the quality of housing is also related to the safety of consumers. High quality houses can play the role of heat insulation and waterproof. However, poor quality houses will not only affect the normal use of machines, but also endanger the lives of consumers. So what kind of power supply plastic shell should be chosen to be more safe?


The plastic shell of the power supply is one of them. The plastic shell of the power supply is made of plastic material and produced by the injection molding machine using the mold. It is made of excellent materials and has excellent performance. It plays a waterproof and leak proof role. The power supply plastic shell made of this material can better ensure your safety.

Good ones are aluminum alloy, ABS resin and ordinary industrial plastics, which are also OK. At present, ABS resin is widely used in automobile power supply, which has the characteristics of impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and good surface gloss. It is easy to paint and color, and can also be used for surface metallization, electroplating and other operations. As long as the battery cell and the electric board inside can be protected, it can be said to be safe, but compared with aluminum alloy, the texture and feel are poor.

Most of them are made of plastic materials. The plastic shell of the power supply is usually made of flame retardant ABS PC. The appearance is either pad printing or piano baking. This is a high-tech product. Many patterns can be made by yourself. The products manufactured by this method become lighter and lighter. There are also aluminum shells or aluminum alloys, so the products are very heavy, and the feel is generally not very good.

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