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Treatment method of oil loss in plastic shell spray processing

Release time:2023-11-01

stayPlastic shellCoating with common colors can enrich the color of plastic shell, meet the needs of different consumers for color, and have the functions of protection and decoration. It is a common surface defect problem in the coating processing industry that the oil falls off after the shell is sprayed. The application of the surface treatment agent just meets the demand of solving the oil drop problem of ordinary plastic paint.


For plastic painting manufacturers, the first thing to ensure is that after the plastic shell is sprayed, the paint can be well combined with the plastic substrate, and there will be no oil drop. The main reason for paint dropping is that the adhesion between the substrate and the coating is insufficient. Even if the coating without good adhesion is produced quickly, the coating quality will be poor, and all the so-called protection and decoration can not be realized. Therefore, it is more and more important to solve the problem of adhesion on the plastic surface.

In the industry, the method to solve the problem of poor adhesion test such as oil loss or non-compliance on the plastic surface is to use the plastic surface treatment agent, which is coated on the surface of the substrate through the action of the primer to form a film. On the one hand, it interacts with the molecules between the substrate and the paint, and on the other hand, it effectively combines with the paint to enhance the adhesion of the paint on the substrate, so as to solve the problem of oil loss.

At this time, the surface treatment agent has played an important role and the use method is very simple. The process flow is well controlled. After effective surface cleaning of the plastic substrate, spraying and other steps are carried out. It is widely used in nylon, PP, PPS, TR90 and other plastic materials. It is an effective solution to solve the problems of plastic oil spray, adhesion test not reaching the grade and unqualified.

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