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Influence of color unevenness in injection molding

Release time:2023-11-29

In the process of injection molding, some carelessness will often cause defects in plastic products, which will affect the efficiency of injection molding and our trust. Then why do our customers choose you? Why don't our customers choose better ones? People say that we can shop around. If we want our customers to stay, we need to reduce our error rate. But how to ensure the error rate of injection molding? Let me give you a brief analysisInjection moldingThe color is not uniform.


In the process of injection molding, in order to make the plastic parts more colorful, we always add an appropriate amount of toner to the raw materials. But for one reason or another, color unevenness may occur. What are the reasons for the uneven color of injection molding?

1. The colorant diffusion is poor, which often causes a pattern near the gate.

2. The thermal stability of plastics or colorants is poor. In order to stabilize the color tone of products, the production conditions must be strictly fixed, especially the material temperature, material quantity and production cycle.

3. For crystalline plastics, try to make the cooling speed of all parts of the product consistent. For products with large wall thickness difference, colorants can be used to cover the color difference. For products with uniform wall thickness, the temperature of the material and the temperature of the mold should be fixed.

4. The shape, gate form and position of the product have an impact on the filling of the plastic, resulting in color difference in some parts of the product, which should be modified if necessary.

When we are doing injection molding. If the above four points can be well controlled, the color of plastic can be well controlled, and the probability of color difference can be greatly reduced.

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