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Principles and requirements of mold processing procedure

Release time:2024-03-20

commonlyMold processingThe type of production is single piece and small batch production. The basic principle of formulating the mold processing procedure is to ensure that the production cost is low and the production efficiency is high, and the mold products that meet the requirements of the design drawings can be processed reliably. Therefore, when formulating the process specification, we should start from the actual situation of the factory, make full use of the existing equipment, and use the advanced technology and experience at home and abroad as much as possible. The equipment used for mold processing and its process equipment shall have good versatility, and general machine tools, standard tools, modular fixtures, general fixtures and general measuring tools shall be widely used. Some advanced and special technologies such as CNC machine tools or automatic tool changing CNC machine tools and electro erosion machining can be used for the working surfaces of some parts with complex structure and shape, such as cavities and cores, punch dies and female dies. In other cases, conventional manufacturing processes can be used. If only a small number of special processes are required for processing, cooperative production can be considered to solve the problem. A reasonable machining process specification should reflect the following basic requirements.


(1) Reliability of product quality

All necessary measures to ensure product quality shall be fully considered and taken in the mold processing procedure to ensure that the accuracy, surface quality and other technical requirements required by the design drawings can be fully, reliably and stably met.

(2) Progressiveness of process technology

Under the existing conditions of the mold processing plant, the developed mold processing process specification shall, on the basis of adopting the mature process methods of the plant, absorb as much as possible the advanced process technology and process equipment of the same industry that are suitable for the situation of the plant, so as to improve the mold processing technology level. On the premise of ensuring the processing quality, various technical requirements and completing the tasks on time, the time required for mold processing shall be shortened as far as possible to ensure that the mold manufacturing can be completed before the delivery date.

(3) Economy

Under certain production conditions, a process scheme with less labor, materials and energy consumption is required to reduce production costs on the premise of ensuring product quality. So that the enterprise can obtain good economic benefits.

(4) Good working conditions

The established mold processing procedure needs to ensure that workers have good and safe working conditions. Mechanized or automatic measures should be used as much as possible to reduce some heavy manual labor.

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