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Several reasons for using plastic shell in 5g Era

Release time:2021-07-09

As for materials, materials are never the best, just the most suitable, and the relationship between cost and application must be comprehensively considered. At present, the three mainstream materials "zirconia ceramic materials", "plastic materials" and "glass materials" that meet the requirements of 5g technology have their own advantages.

Among them, zirconia ceramics have the best wear resistance, brittleness and shaping performance. They can be formed in one, with good coloring and high-grade appearance, but the cost is the highest.

The glass has good wear resistance and shaping performance, but poor brittleness and coloring performance, and the cost and sensory level are in the middle.

The plastic shell has good toughness, poor wear resistance and rigidity, but low processing cost. Here, I would like to summarize several advantages of plastic shell:

1. The processing cost is low, and the user's shell changing cost is also low.

2. With many colors and vitality, it can effectively avoid one side of the machine.

3. Light weight. The usual mobile phone is getting heavier and heavier, and the lightweight characteristics of plastic should have room to play.

4. Fall resistance. Although the hardness of plastic is low and its scratch resistance is not excellent, compared with glass, plastic materials do not explode when falling, which is a good characteristic.

5. Good signal, no signal shielding.

Xiaobian will guess the possibility of the plastic shell salted fish turning over from three aspects: the beauty, function and cost of the plastic body:

The fuselage is too poor to scratch?

(how to ensure beauty) first of all, let's talk about the feature that the most criticized image of plastic materials is low. The plastic body is very inferior. The plastic body and the low-end machine are good companions, which is the impression of the masses from time to time. Therefore, it is mainly used in the low-end machine. In addition, the hardness of plastic materials is low, and the scratches on the whole body are also the focus of plastic being rejected. Therefore, plastic materials need a lot of progress if they want to be liked by the high-end market.

Improvement Tactics: first of all, analyze the problem that plastic is very low. In fact, plastic can also be as warm as jade. It is said that the technology of plastic low is not particularly good or there is prejudice against plastic. Besides, who doesn't wear a plastic case for each cell phone with a glass body. No matter how beautiful the machine is, the bare machine still doesn't dare to show off. Why don't you put it on the plastic shell directly to restore the beauty of the bare machine.

The second is the hardness and scratch resistance of plastics. There are two ways to improve the hardness and scratch resistance of plastics. One is to participate in hard additives in plastics. The commonly used hardness additives are rigid inorganic fillers and fibers (such as aramid fiber, glass fiber, carbon fiber, etc.). Ps: in the field of plastic modification, the increase of rigid particles can not only increase the hardness, but also sometimes play the role of toughening plastics; The second is to improve the hardness of plastics through surface treatment. Taking PC (the common plastic material of the current fuselage) as an example, coating wear-resistant coating is the most commonly used method to improve the scratch resistance and wear resistance of PC. In industry, the main technical path of wear-resistant coating focuses on polysiloxane and multifunctional acrylic acid system hard coating. In addition, polyurethane tough coating is also used in a small amount. Due to its strong adhesion, the hardness and soft segment of components can be adjusted, and the physical properties of the coating can be improved. Therefore, it can also be used as a wear-resistant coating on the surface of polycarbonate.

Is heat dissipation a chronic problem? (function)

Plastic materials meet the basic requirements of 5g materials, but they are rejected by all kinds because of their poor heat dissipation ability. There is a saying like this: "laymen see configuration, experts see heat dissipation". Heat dissipation is one of the most important issues to consider in the design process of an electronic product, and computers and mobile phones with excellent performance all have their own common design in heat dissipation, so that they can give full play to the strength of various hardware products. As for mobile phones, in addition to adopting metal frame heat conduction, metal backplane heat conduction, graphite heat conductive paste, heat conductive silicone grease, liquid cooling, air cooling, etc. in the design to improve the heat dissipation ability of mobile phones, it will also make a high price request for the heat dissipation ability of its backplane. It is also the weakness that plastic materials are the most needed to break through as body materials.

At present, to improve the thermal conductivity of plastics, only a certain proportion of thermal conductive fillers need to be filled in the plastics to stop modifying the plastics, so as to obtain plastic materials that meet the application requirements. There are three main types of thermal conductive fillers, carbon materials, inorganic thermal conductive materials, metal ions, etc. Inorganic heat conducting particles such as magnesium oxide, aluminum oxide and zinc oxide are used to modify the plastic. The price is low and the whiteness of the plastic is adjustable, which is conducive to the preparation of plastic backboards of various colors without signal shielding.

Plastic shell processing cost is low!

The plastic shell material has been used since the birth of mobile phones. The plastic shell has strong plasticity and relatively low industrial processing difficulty, which is conducive to large-scale mass production and personalized consumption, and the cost of plastic raw materials is also low. In addition, due to the large screen of mobile phones, in order to increase the anti fall ability of the body of mobile phones with glass as the back plate, aluminum alloy frames are often used, so there will be corresponding costs. Plastic can be used to complete one-piece molding (if the plastic used has poor thermal conductivity, the plastic material will also keep the metal frame for heat dissipation). The overall fuselage is simple. In most cases, it can adhere to sufficient strength without aluminum alloy frame, which can effectively reduce the fuselage cost.

There are many different voices about the choice of body materials for 5g signal mobile phones at present. Some people think that zirconia has the best future prospects, while others think that glass materials are the most suitable. There are few people who are optimistic about plastic shells. At present, plastic shells are also mainly the choice of low-end machines. However, due to the withdrawal of metal materials from the market and the release of huge market share, many plastic makers are still waiting, and there are not a few who want to take the opportunity to recapture the market. When plastic materials are "transformed and upgraded", they can also meet the requirements of fuselage material selection, such as function, beauty, cost, etc., then it is just around the corner as a hot object of fuselage material selection.

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