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Product advantages of plastic shell painting and oil spray

Release time:2021-07-09

1、 Completion effect of plastic shell oil injection:

1. Brightness improvement (make products brighter, such as mobile phone cases)

2. The appearance hardness is improved (making the product more wear-resistant, such as game console buttons)

3. Improved appearance and feel (better feel, leather or soft rubber, such as mobile phone shell)

4. Matte degree improvement (make products higher grade, such as computer shell and speaker shell)

The problem of poor adhesion between the substrate and the paint often appears during the oil injection of the plastic shell. The effective treatment is to use Jisheng adhesion promoter to improve the adhesion between the substrate and the paint layer, and deal with the phenomenon of paint falling. The adhesion test reaches 5B.

Plastic shell painting?


1. First clean the dust and oil on the surface of the plastic, and then spray the primer.

2. After it is dry, spray the exterior paint required by the drawing. The number of times to spray depends on the requirements of the drawing. As long as the appearance is required, spray two layers is enough. If it is required to be light tight, or if it is required to be painted with thickness, spray several times more to determine the effect.

3. After painting, the adhesion test must be stopped to detect the quality of painting.

2、 What are the common coatings for plastic oil spray processing?

1. Epoxy powder coating, which takes epoxy resin as the main material and adds different types of curing agents to make products with different properties, so as to meet the plastic spraying needs of plastic oil spraying processing.

2. Polyester powder coating has good effects in decoration, corrosion resistance, physical and mechanical properties and over baking, and is suitable for spraying the shell of household appliances.

3. Thermosetting fluororesin powder coating, with the development of new materials, the main body of this coating has been improved into an alternating copolymer of fluoroolefin alkyl alkenyl ether containing hydroxyl, carboxyl and other crosslinking reactive groups, and the performance of the product has also been further developed.

3、 Why does the plastic shell need to be processed by fuel injection

Brightness improvement, making products brighter

2. The appearance hardness is improved, making the product more wear-resistant

3. Improved appearance and feel

4. The improvement of matte makes the product more high-grade,

5. Defective products, or digestion of defective products to reduce defects, Shenzhen Hongshun electroplating focuses on plastic electroplating processing.

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