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Bluetooth speaker with plastic shell is not as bad as you think

Release time:2021-07-09

If you still feel that your Bluetooth speaker with plastic shell doesn't feel good, and the sound doesn't reach the effect you want when you touch it, someone may inform you. It's better to try changing a metal or wood Bluetooth speaker!

The plastic shell of speakers is roast, just like the plastic shell of mobile phones is roast. Isn't Samsung, which has been focusing on plastic shells for 10000 years, often spit roast?

Should Bluetooth speakers made of plastic speakers be roast? In fact, the Bluetooth speaker with plastic shell is not as bad as you think, and it is not perfect. There is no answer in the world. It can only be said that shells made of different materials undertake different tasks, and there is no absolute difference between good and bad.

Plastic material

Advantages: low price, many shape changes, light weight, strong confidentiality, and can complete the three prevention functions of waterproof and dustproof

Plastic Bluetooth speakers are the most common shell materials in the market. According to incomplete statistics, more than 55% of Bluetooth speakers use plastic. In terms of portable Bluetooth speakers, plastic materials are simply the dominant position, and metal materials or wood seem to be in a complete position.

In addition, plastic speakers seem to be very popular with young people. Because plastic can make the appearance of speakers do whatever they want, color changes meet the mentality of most young people to pursue common and personality.

And the "enthusiasts" who usually play music for many years "don't catch a cold about plastic speakers. The reason is that plastic Bluetooth speakers generally do not reach the sound quality they want. The bass effect is weak, the sound quality is weak, and the roundness is very poor.

However, if you want to complete the waterproof function, you have to use plastic. The leakproofness of plastic is better than that of wood and metal, such as the following speakers - Bluetooth shower speakers.

It is a Bluetooth speaker used in the bathroom. The plastic of the body can make it waterproof effectively, so that you can listen to music when you take a shower. Beloved appearance, whether children or adults will love it.

The plastic suction cup at the bottom can make the Bluetooth speaker adhere to the glass, the wall or the reverse side of the mobile phone to serve as the speaker support. It is really a multi-purpose thing.

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