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What is mold processing and what are its characteristics?

Release time:2021-07-20

1. Definition

Mold making refers to the processing of forming and blank making tools, including shear molds and die-cutting molds. Generally, the mold is composed of an upper mold and a lower mold. The steel plate is placed between the upper mold and the lower mold, and the material is formed under the action of the press. When the press is opened, the workpiece determined by the mold shape will be obtained or the corresponding waste will be removed. The workpieces ranging from electronic connectors to automobile dashboard can be molded with molds.

Progressive die refers to a set of dies that can automatically move the processed workpiece from one station to another and obtain the formed part at the last station. Die processing technology includes: blanking die, blanking die, compound die, extrusion die, four slider die, progressive die, stamping die, die cutting die, etc.

2. Kind

(1) Metal stamping die: continuous die, single die, compound die and drawing die

(2) Plastic molding mold: injection mold, extrusion mold and blister mold

(3) Die casting die

(4) Forging die

(5) Powder metallurgy mould

(6) Rubber mold

3. Mold processing flow

Cutting: front mold material, rear mold material, inlay material, alignment material, inclined top material;

Frame opening: front mold frame and rear mold frame;

Roughening: roughening the front mold cavity, the rear mold cavity and the parting line;

Copper male: front mold copper male, rear mold copper male, parting line angle clearing copper male;

Wire cutting: insert parting line, copper male, inclined top pillow position;

Computer gongs: fine gongs parting line, fine gongs back mold core;

Electric spark: front mold thickness, copper male, male mold line clarity, rear mold bone position, pillow position;

Drilling, pinhole and thimble; Processing the position and position voltage poles with pinholes and water holes on the top of the mold;

Inclined ejector, double ejector pin and matching ejector pin.

4. Others

(1) Pump, code mold pit, garbage nail (limit nail);

(2) Flying model;

(3) Nozzle, support head, spring, water transportation;

(4) Save mold, polish, front mold and rear mold bone position;

(5) Fine water structure, pull rod screw hook and spring

(6) Heat treatment, quenching and surface nitriding of important parts;

5. Mold software

UGNX, pro/nc, CATIA, Mastercam, SURFCAM, topsolid cam, space-e, camworks, worknc, tebis, hyperMILL, PowerMILL, gibbscam, featurecam, etc.

6. Basic characteristics

(1) A pair of dies with high machining accuracy are generally composed of female dies, male dies and die bases, and some of them may be multi piece split modules. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower dies, the combination of inserts and cavities, and the combination between modules all require high machining accuracy. The dimensional accuracy of precision molds often reaches the micron level.

(2) Complex shapes and surfaces some products, such as car panels, aircraft parts, toys and household appliances, are composed of various curved surfaces. Therefore, the surface of the mold cavity is very complex. Some surfaces must be treated by mathematical calculations.

(3) The production of batch small molds is not batch production, and in many cases only one pair is produced.

(4) Multi mode machining always adopts various processes such as milling, boring, drilling, reaming and tapping.

(5) The service life of repeated production mold is long. When the service life of a pair of molds exceeds its service life, it is necessary to replace new molds, so the production of molds is often repeated.

(6) In the production of copying molds, sometimes there are neither drawings nor data, and copying should be carried out according to the real object. This requires high imitation accuracy and no deformation.

(7) Excellent mold materials and high hardness molds are mainly made of high-quality alloy steel, especially long-life molds, which often use ledeburite steels such as Crl2 and CrWMn. This kind of steel has strict requirements from forging, processing to heat treatment. Therefore, the preparation of processing technology can not be ignored, and heat treatment deformation is also a serious problem in processing.

According to the above characteristics, it is necessary to meet the processing requirements as much as possible when selecting machine tools. For example, the CNC system has stronger functions, higher precision, better rigidity, better thermal stability and better profiling function.

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