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Power plastic shell leakage protection switch and rain proof measures

Release time:2021-07-24

When we use Plastic shell of power supplyThere may be leakage. When there is leakage, we can use the leakage protection switch. The leakage protection switch is a kind of equipment, which protects the electrical mechanical equipment when it leaks electricity. When installing leakage protection switch, over-current protection equipment shall be installed. When the over-current protection is selected for the circuit breaker, its specification and model shall be consistent with the breaking capacity of the leakage protection switch.

At present, the leakage circuit breaker composed of leakage protection switch and automatic air switch is generally selected. This new power supply universal switch has overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, leakage protection and undervoltage protection, which simplifies the circuit and is convenient to use.

Due to the selection of wireless network transmission point, up to 12 remote control modules can be operated, which has excellent anti-interference, dielectric strength, moisture resistance and high-quality characteristics favored by consumers. For us, it is a power supply enclosure with good protection performance.

In fact, the plastic shell of the rain proof switching power supply is only a tightly sealed switching power supply, so rainwater is not easy to penetrate the internal circuit board. No matter how heavy a rainstorm is, it is not difficult, but it must be installed at a high altitude where there is no precipitation storage. Generally, the shell of switching power supply is divided into indoor and outdoor applications. Outdoor applications need to be sealed and filled, moisture-proof and waterproof, suitable for various natural environments; It is easy to install and can be hung or placed on the support block; Indoor products have no moisture-proof effect and are only suitable for indoor installation.

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