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What are the plastic household appliance shells? What plastic is used?

Release time:2021-07-27

The classification of small household appliances mainly includes: microwave oven, rice cooker, electric iron, electric heater, vacuum cleaner, electric fan, hair dryer, water dispenser, induction cooker, electric hot pot and electric heater

Kettle, air humidifier, electric razor, soymilk machine, juicer, coffee machine, etc. So,Plastic household appliance shellAnd other components, how to choose plastic? Here are a few examples to explain.

1. Application of plastics in small household appliances

① ABS main materials of appearance parts: high gloss, easy to spray, but not resistant to high temperature; Pp: low cost, good liquidity, but poor dimensional stability; Polycarbonate: high strength and high resistance

High temperature, good transparency, but not easy to break; Pc/ ABS Hardware: excellent overall performance, but high price.

② The main materials used for decorative parts are transparent materials: transparent ABS, PMMA, PC and other electroplated materials: electroplated ABS film materials: PET film, PC film.

③ 3C key requirements for key components: flame retardant PBT, flame retardant PP, flame retardant PPO

④ The core requirements of other key structural members are mainly materials:

Polyoxymethylene, glass fiber reinforced nylon, polyphenylene sulfide, PPA, Pe2 and ordinary small plastic household equipment.

(1) The plastic parts on the microwave oven are mainly external parts, including the shell, base, handle, knob and so on, which need heat resistance. The selected plastic variety is polybutylene terephthalate / polyester

GF, PBT GF, pc/abs, heat resistant ABS, hips, heat resistant PP, pp.

(2) The plastic parts on the cooker are mainly external parts, including shell, base, cover, handle, switch, etc. These parts need heat resistance. The plastic used is

ABS, high gloss PP, pp.

(3) The performance requirements of plastics for electric iron parts are mainly heat resistance, followed by impact strength and appearance. ABS, high gloss PP can be used for shell, handle and water

Trough bottom; The parts close to the heating area require high heat resistance. PC, PA GF, pbt/pet GF, PBT GF and heat-resistant ABS can be used for heat resistance

In order to obtain a higher foundation, pbt/pet GF and pet GF can be used to replace metal parts.

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