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Components of plastic mold molding

Release time:2021-07-26

Plastic mold moldingThe specific composition of the structure process: Generally speaking, there are two types of plastic mold molding: one is the double plate mold, commonly known as the big nozzle mold; The other is the three plate mold, commonly known as the fine mouth mold. Whether it is a two plate mold or a three plate mold, the plastic mold is generally composed of the following parts:
1。 In the mold base plastic mold, the mold base constitutes the most basic frame part of the plastic mold. The steel quality of the mold base can ensure the service life of a set of molds. And the stability of later production.
2. The core part of plastic mold - cavity and core. The main cavity and core of plastic mold, commonly known as mold core or inner mold, are the most important components in the mold. Most of the design work is also spent on the design of the mold core, which is deeply processed. However, some simple molds have no core, and the products are directly formed on the template, especially the early plastic molds, which have been eliminated one by one. There are many kinds of core materials, including imported steel and domestic national standard steel.
3. If the auxiliary parts of plastic mold, such as locating ring, gate sleeve push rod (called ejector rod or ejector rod), pull rod (commonly known as grab pin), support column, push plate guide column and guide sleeve, support nail (commonly known as garbage), are three plate mold, it is often necessary to set up a special sequential mold opening control mechanism.
4. Appearance modeling auxiliary system. General plastic mold has the following three systems: pouring system, ejection system and cooling system. Sometimes, because the plastic materials used need high temperature heating, some molds still have heating systems.
5. When some plastic molds of core pulling mechanism produce plastic products with holes or hooks on the side, the mold must also have one or more mechanisms to deal with these holes and hooks to demould, such as sliding blocks, inclined push rods, hydraulic cylinders, etc. This kind of processing mechanism is called lateral parting core pulling mechanism.
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