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Maintenance methods and repair and maintenance methods of automobile plastic parts

Release time:2021-07-29

Maintenance method:
1. Inspection: through inspection, determineAutomotive plastic partsDeformation and damage of.

2. Fastening: fastening is an important maintenance operation to prevent parts from loosening. Automotive plastic parts should be tightened and replaced if necessary.

3. Cleanliness: the basis of reducing wear and energy loss of automotive plastic parts.

4. Adjustment: the adjustment work is the key to ensure that all automobile assemblies and automobile plastic parts can work normally for a long time.

5. Replenishment: replenishment refers to the filling and replenishment of vehicle lubricating oil and special working fluid during vehicle maintenance, so as to improve the service life of vehicle assemblies and parts.

Maintenance methods

The basic method of repairing car scratches: deep scratches or shallow scratches on the car surface. The difference between the depth of scratches depends on whether the primer is exposed. Exposing the primer is called deep scratches, otherwise it is called shallow scratches. If there is a deep scratch, the exposed part of the metal will soon rust and spread to the edge of the scratch, which will increase the difficulty of repair.

Paint pen repair method: paint the scratches with a paint pen of similar color, which is called paint pen repair method. This method is relatively simple, but the adhesion of the repaired paint is not enough, which is easy to peel off and difficult to last.

Spraying method: This is to repair scratches with the traditional paint repair method. Its main disadvantage is that the damage area of the original paint is relatively large, the repair time is relatively long, and the effect is not ideal.

Computer paint spraying method: the technology of repairing deep scratches combined with computer paint mixing and adopting new technology is the rapid technical repair of automobiles, but the main requirement is that the color can be accurately adjusted to reduce the repair area as much as possible. After special solvent treatment, the new and old surface paint can be better integrated to achieve adhesion.

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