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Differences in shell materials of medical devices

Release time:2021-08-06

Medical device shellThe more common materials are FRP and ABS plastic. What is the difference between them?

An important component of glass fiber reinforced plastics is glass fiber plus epoxy glue. In short, it is glass fiber epoxy board. The shell made of this kind of material by medical device shell manufacturers can guarantee the performance of light weight as plastic board material, but the corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance of glass fiber reinforced plastics are better than plastic. However, the plasticity of glass fiber reinforced plastics is poor, which is suitable for one-time molding products. Most beauty instruments need secondary assembly, and the installation of internal pcbpcb circuit boards also need to be reinforced with screws. However, the secondary assembly performance of glass fiber reinforced plastics shell is poor, and the connection between screws and glass fiber reinforced plastics is low. The more important point is that FRP is not eco-friendly and has great environmental pollution. It is because of its strong corrosion resistance, so it can't be corroded and can't be reused. In the whole process of production, it has a great smell and is relatively harmful to human body.

The important component of plastic is fiber material epoxy resin glue, that is, composite resin. The additive component is relatively few, which can also ensure the expected effect of light weight and high tensile strength. Although the sharp object resistant ruler is inferior to the glass fiber reinforced plastic material, the customized plastic case of the medical device shell has strong plasticity, good compressive strength balance and strong plasticity, which can be made into various streamlined product output. Moreover, the experimental instrument shell can be made into a movable one, which is easy to assemble again. The screws and plastic plates are easy to connect, and its great advantage is that it has little environmental pollution, It can be recycled.

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