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Shell characteristics of different materials of speakers

Release time:2021-08-16

1、 Plastic material

Advantages: low cost, many shape changes, light weight, strong confidentiality, and can realize three prevention functions such as waterproof and dustproof

Plastic Bluetooth speakers are common shell materials in the market. According to incomplete statistics, more than 55% of Bluetooth speakers use plastic. In terms of portable Bluetooth speakers, plastic is almost the dominant material, and metal or wood seems to be in a complete failure.

In addition, plastic speakers seem to be very popular with young people, because plastic can make the shape of speakers free, and the change of color meets the mentality of most young people in pursuit of uniqueness and personality.

And the "enthusiasts" who usually play music for many years "don't catch a cold at all" about plastic speakers. The reason is that plastic Bluetooth speakers generally can't reach the sound quality they want. The bass effect is weak, the sound quality is thin, and the roundness is very poor. However, if you want to achieve waterproof function, you must use plastic. The confidentiality of plastic is better than that of wood and metal.

2、 Wood material

Advantages: the sound quality has advantages in low frequency, the wood grain has lasting appeal, the texture is good, and the material is environmentally friendly

For a long time, people have been using wood to make loudspeakers. The biggest advantage of wood is its high density and good playback effect. The greater the material density of the speaker box, the smaller the vibration generated by the box when making sound, so that the sound can be more truly restored. Wood is much denser than plastic. Therefore, the sound quality of wooden speakers is better than that of plastic speakers.

People who pursue harmony with wooden furniture prefer wooden Bluetooth speakers. The unique wood grain looks beautiful and feels good.

3、 Metallic materials

Advantages: strong sound transmission, full sense of technology, good hand feel and high hardness

Metal speakers can be said to be "inborn pride", because the cost of general metal boxes is relatively high, so the price of metal speakers is also relatively expensive. In addition, metal speakers are more elegant in shape and look very beautiful. In terms of sound quality, the sound is transparent and the performance is excellent.

Bluetooth speakers made of different materials carry different speaker characteristics and functions, but if you are confused about sound quality, the shell material does not represent the sound quality level of the speaker. After all, whether the sound quality is good or not, there are many other issues to consider, and the important point is that you need to consider your personal preference for sound quality.

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