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What are the commonly used plastic parts in the automotive industry?

Release time:2021-08-12

Common automotive plastic parts include: instrument panel body frame, battery support, front-end module, control box, seat support frame, spare wheel seat, fender, chassis cover, sound insulation panel, rear door frame, etc. most automotive plastic parts panels adopt engineering plastics ABS or abs/pc.


Generally speaking, doors, instrument panels, bumpers and gear panels are made of polypropylene. The hood is made of lead and polypropylene. Pc/abs is usually purchased from material manufacturers. Plastic parts are light in weight, diverse in color, beautiful, have a good weight loss effect, and can also reduce the weight of the car body. It can be recycled for many times.

In automobile recycling, most metal products are too old, rusty and have no recycling value. Because plastic products can be melted and recycled, and can be processed again after melting, it will not cause any damage, so automotive plastic parts are becoming more and more popular.

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