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What is the bad effect of too high temperature on injection molding

Release time:2021-12-20

In the process of plastic injection molding, if the temperature is too high or too low, it will have an adverse impact on the molded injection molding products, which will seriously affect the waste of molded injection molding products. Therefore, the temperature control in the injection molding process is very important. The temperature is too high. What are the specific adverse effects?

Plastic raw materials, toner, nozzle materials, molds, injection molding machines, peripheral equipment, installation fixtures, spray, various auxiliary materials and packaging materials are required in the injection molding production process, which brings a lot of workload and certain difficulties to the management of the injection molding factory, and the requirements for managers at all levels of the injection molding factory are higher than those of other industries or departments.

If the injection processing temperature is too high, it may reduce the viscosity of the oil and increase leakage. At this time, the volumetric efficiency of the pump and the overall efficiency of the system will also be significantly reduced. When the viscosity decreases, the oil film of working parts such as valve core becomes thinner or the inclined plane is cut off. At this time, friction resistance and wear also increase.

If the injection processing temperature is too high, the working quality of the injection molded parts will become worse, and the air dissolved in the oil will be discharged, causing cavitation, thereby reducing the working performance of the hydraulic system.

The parts with different thermal expansion coefficients in the hydraulic components must become smaller with the apprentice, resulting in the blockage of the host machine, causing work failures, seriously affecting the transmission accuracy of the hydraulic system, resulting in the poor working quality of injection molded parts.

If the temperature of injection molding is too high, it will promote the oxidation and deterioration of oil, analyze asphalt substances, and reduce the service life of hydraulic oil. In addition, the substance to be analyzed may block the buffer hole and the clearance valve port, causing the pressure valve to be blocked and unable to work, and the metal pipe may be elongated, bent or broken.


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