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How to deal with the yellowing of the shell of household appliances?

Release time:2021-12-20

Many household appliances used in our home are made of plastic materials. These plastic shells gradually turn yellow with the increase of service life or the corrosion of substances in the environment. So what can we do to prevent and deal with the yellowing of the electrical shell? The following is an analysis of the maintenance of the electrical enclosure.

The electrical appliance shell that has been used for several years turns yellow. What should I do? Is there any solution?

The shell of household appliances will turn yellow after several years of use. The most fundamental reason for this phenomenon is the change of polymer composites caused by ultraviolet or other rays in the sunlight. Because the shells of our household appliances are basically made of some plastic polymer composites. Another point is that the shell of household appliances will slowly turn yellow under the action of corrosive substances. But the above two kinds of yellowing are different. Therefore, yellowing of household appliances can be divided into three types.

Type 1: household appliances with more than ten years

The so-called household appliances of more than ten years mean that these household appliances in our family have been used for more than ten years, and some have even reached 20 years. When household appliances are used for many years, the shell slowly turns yellow. The reasons are as follows.

Cause analysis: the fundamental reason why household appliances turn yellow in more than ten years is that the material has changed. That is, the yellowing of polymer synthetic materials and the gradual change of some substances in the environment. So it's not that the surface turns yellow a little, but that many places inside turn yellow.

Handling suggestions: after more than ten years of yellowing of household appliances, my personal suggestion is not to deal with it anymore. We only do simple scrubbing. Because we can't change it anymore. In addition, we recommend that you replace such appliances, because after all, after many years of use, there will be some problems, the loss will increase, and it is not cost-effective to use.

Type 2: household appliances for five to ten years

The so-called household appliances for five to ten years means that these appliances in our family have been used for more than five years and less than ten years, so their metal shell has turned yellow, but it is not very serious. Many of them just turn yellow on the surface. Like this kind of electric appliance, the following handling skills are given.

Skill 1: treat with anti yellowing agent. 1. First, we use clean rags to wipe the surface of household appliances. 2. Spray anti yellowing agent on the surface of the appliance, and then scrub it. As the anti yellowing agent itself is different from the material of the electrical housing, it can be changed so that the yellowing substance of the housing can be wiped off.

Skill 2: treat with dioxin. When we use double water, we need to add water in double water and then prepare it. After that, wipe with a rag dipped in the prepared hydrogen peroxide to reduce the slight yellowing.

Type III: household appliances within five years

The so-called household appliances within five years means that our household appliances are very new, but they have only been used for a few years. At this time, the surface of household appliances turns slightly yellow, and there are some oil stains. These situations are actually handled well, so the following skills are provided.

Tip 1: scrub with detergent. After mixing the detergent with water, we scrub the surface of these household appliances with a damp cloth. In this way, some surfaces of household appliances and all contaminated objects can be wiped clean to make the appliances look new.

Skill 2: you can also use special disinfection alcohol to scrub. Disinfecting alcohol is prepared according to the concentration. When we use it, we spray it on the surface of household appliances, and then wipe it with a rag. In this way, many household appliances can be wiped off. But we must pay attention to alcohol disinfection. Sometimes there is no open fire, which is easy to cause a fire.

How to prevent the housing of household appliances from turning yellow?

1、 Selection of installation location. Because household appliances are most likely to turn yellow in the sun, some outdoor household appliances should be shaded. For example, the washing machine installed on our balcony should be installed in a dark place as far as possible. In addition, you can choose a dark washing machine.

2、 Pay attention to the protection of household appliances. For example, when our air conditioner is not in use, I personally suggest you use tarpaulin to cover it tightly. Before covering, the surface of the air conditioner should be wiped clean. This can also extend the use of electrical appliances.

3、 For some special parts of household appliances, you should often scrub them. Such as kitchen appliances. Since such electrical appliances often have oil stains floating on them, I personally suggest that you use detergent and water for these electrical appliances and often scrub them. Ensure that the above oil stains will not adhere to multiple layers, resulting in the final discoloration of the electrical housing, or even cannot be wiped off.

Concluding remarks

For the maintenance of the appliance shell, the first thing to pay attention to is the location of the appliance, and try to avoid direct sunlight. Another thing is to regularly clean some household appliances that are easy to be polluted. However, the yellowing of electrical appliances is the change of its own material, so we can only update it instead of restoring the original color of electrical appliances, which we should be clear about.

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