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The shell of medical devices adopts low-pressure perfusion, and the requirements are strict

Release time:2022-02-14

The shell of medical devices is usually manufactured by low-pressure pouring, which is produced by simple molds, such as aluminum mold, resin mold, ABS mold, etc. Resin molds are commonly used, because the cost of resin molds is lower than aluminum molds, and the speed of making molds is also faster.

Low pressure perfusion is suitable for small batch trial production in the process of product development. This type is mainly used in the automotive industry, as well as the production of large products with simple product structure and plastic products with uneven wall thickness. This type is mainly used for medical products such as medical cart shell, instrument shell, reagent equipment shell, car bumper, car hood and so on.

Because the number of these products is not too large, if the injection mold is opened, the cost will be relatively high. Many products need to change the product structure design before injection molding. Injection molding processing is mainly used in beer machine to produce a large number of products with open steel film. Injection molding is suitable for products with relatively small size, and the product output will be large.


The processing technology of medical device shell is the key technology that sheet metal technicians need to master, and it is also an important process of sheet metal product molding. The processing steps of medical device shell include processing foundation, cutting and blanking, bending processing, calendering processing, local processing, processing equipment and new technology, etc.

Starting from the basic principle, process flow and materials used in processing, various processing equipment and new technologies are completed by actual parts, typical parts and common equipment in production through punching, blanking, melt cutting, stretch bending, roll bending and press bending, rolling spinning and bulging.

In addition to the strict requirements in the production process, it is also necessary to carry out quality inspection independently of production. First, strictly control the size according to the drawings; Second, strictly control the appearance quality, repair or scrap those that do not meet the size. The appearance is not allowed to be scratched. Check the color difference, corrosion resistance and adhesion after spraying.

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