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Injection molding: how to judge the quality of injection mold?

Release time:2022-02-21

The finished product quality and processing cost of injection mold are closely related to the quality of injection mold. Therefore, it is particularly important to judge the quality of injection mold before processing. How to judge the quality of an injection mold?

Injection molding: how to judge the quality of injection mold?

1. On the premise of ensuring the quality of the products processed by the injection mold, the service life of the injection mold may be required to be long enough, that is, the number of work cycles that the injection mold can complete or the number of products that can meet the production requirements should be sufficient.

2. In the use and maintenance of injection mold, it is necessary to confirm whether the injection mold is convenient to use and easy to demould, and whether the auxiliary production time can be better shortened during production. If you can do anything, then the injection mold is a good injection mold.

3. In terms of maintenance costs, it is necessary to confirm the maintenance cycle of the injection mold and the costs incurred in each maintenance process. The longer the repair cycle, the less the cost of each repair, which means the better the quality of the injection mold.

Injection molding: the development of injection molding enterprises adhere to innovation.

Injection mold factories lack innovation, and their hematopoietic strength is relatively poor. Among them, all kinds of injection molds produced by them only meet the basic requirements of mass processing manufacturers for the quality of injection molds in terms of accuracy and service life, but cannot meet the higher standard requirements of customers. The reason why they can continue to survive is that the price of their injection mold is slightly lower than that of their peers, and there are some old customer support accumulated over the years.

1、 Injection molding is to innovate the processing technology of injection mold, ensure that its product quality and service life are better than those of its peers, and make its injection mold always have a certain market advantage. In fact, only good products can attract customers. In view of the current conditions of injection mold factories, they need to increase input costs, from injection mold processing equipment to the development of new injection mold products. In this way, we can constantly improve the current injection molding process, break through various technical defects of the traditional injection molding process, and better complete the injection molding process, so as to protect the injection molding process with high quality, long life and high precision.

2、 Injection molding is to constantly innovate in customer service to ensure that every customer service can be praised by new and old customers. Specifically, optimize service awareness and respond quickly. At the same time, customers should enjoy pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, and be satisfied with reception services, injection mold processing services, distribution services, processing price services and after-sales services. With good products and services, injection mold factories can attract loyal customers and operate normally.

3、 Injection molding is to constantly innovate in business management. Only by innovating management can we realize the harmonious and rapid development of the injection mold factory and ensure its market competitiveness.

4、 Injection molding should innovate sales channels. In the era of mobile Internet and new mold retail, the traditional injection mold processing and sales model can no longer meet the market demand. However, injection mold factories still sell in the form of traditional material processing and customer introduction, lacking the initiative and creativity of sales. Therefore, their sales channels need innovation and change. "Internet injection mold processing", "new retail of injection mold", "online sales of injection mold" and other words should be paid attention to and actively explored. The development mode of combining online and offline has proved to be a successful manufacturing development mode. As the "mother of industry" of manufacturing development, all enterprises in the mold industry should adapt to the development of the times and keep up with the development path of the industry.

In a word, if the injection mold factory wants to develop continuously, it must adhere to innovation. Only by innovating can these injection mold manufacturers master the core technology and occupy a favorable position in the market development.

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