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Precautions for injection mold processing plants to select standard mold blanks

Release time:2024-05-13

Injection molds are customized for different plastic products, but the structure of injection molds has many similarities. Therefore, in order to manufacture molds more efficiently, injection mold processing plants began to use some standard molds. In the custom mold opening, injection mold processing plants can inject different plastic products by manufacturing different molding parts, which greatly reduces the processing time of injection molds. So, what problems should injection mold manufacturers pay attention to when selecting standard mold blanks?

1、 For injection molding machines with different models and specifications, the thickness of the mold blank and the closing distance of the injection molding machine are different, and the closing distance of the clamping mechanism with different structural forms is also different.

2、 The dimensional relationship between the opening stroke of the injection mold and the separation distance between the front and rear molds and the required stroke of the ejected parts must be clear in the design. The ejection stroke should be greater than the separation distance between the front and rear molds required to take out the plastic parts, and the distance required to eject the plastic parts should be less than the rated ejection stroke of the hydraulic cylinder on the top of the injection mold.

3、 The injection mold processing plant should pay attention to the following matters when installing the standard mold base:

1) The overall dimension of the standard mold blank should not be affected by the distance between the pull rods of the injection molding machine;

2) The size of the positioning hole diameter and the positioning ring should match well;

3) Whether the position of the ejector mechanism and the stroke of the ejector rod are appropriate;

4) Whether the nozzle aperture and spherical radius match the pouring sleeve aperture and spherical groove size of the mold;

5) The position and diameter of the mounting hole of the mold blank should match the corresponding screw holes on the moving template and fixed template of the injection molding machine.

4、 When selecting mold bases, injection mold processing plants need to understand the technical requirements of plastic parts and injection molding process, ensure the performance and reliability of plastic parts and injection molds, and check and calculate the mechanical properties of mold blank parts, especially the strength and stiffness of mold blank, so as to ensure that the dimensions of front and rear molds and support plates meet the requirements of mold structure.


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