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Suggestions on quality control of injection molding products

Release time:2024-05-13

Injection moldingThe quality of molding products is the premise and guarantee for the development of injection mold processing plants, so how to control the quality of injection molding products has become the primary task. What on earth should we do?

1) Do not easily determine the injection molding process, and do not easily change the established process.

2) Injection molding process control should have a strong sense of quantification and traceability.

① Don't ignore the details in the injection molding process.

② Control and record every detail of the injection molding process with data.

③ Failure to control and track the details of the injection molding process will delay the formulation of corrective and preventive measures.


3) Be patient and careful in solving problems. When you can't find the reasons and rules, you can control and standardize the influencing factors of analysis.

4) To establish a preventive thinking, we should sort out the data of daily process and results, and find the change rules and trends of injection molding from the sorting results. These rules and trends need to be constantly revised.

5) The quality control of injection molding products must have management thinking. It is necessary to observe, pay attention to and study the performance and status of the direct manufacturer of products, and manage and mobilize these performance and status.

6) We should listen to others' opinions and suggestions. The idea of injection molding product quality management often touches the forefront. Even a casual word, a complaint, etc. may guide or hint at a major rectification direction. Therefore, professional technicians should pay attention to details and be good at capturing details.

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