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Key points to master in plastic shell injection molding process

Release time:2022-04-29

Plastic shellAs the name suggests, it is a shell product made of plastic materials. Such products generally need injection molding. What are the key points to master in the process of injection molding?

1. Different raw materials need different temperatures during injection molding. Too high or too low temperature will have a negative impact on the processing of raw materials and the manufacturing of final products. For example, if the temperature is too low, the color of liquid raw materials will be abnormal; If it is too high, there will be burrs after the product is produced, and the product quality cannot meet the requirements.

2. In the plastic shell injection molding process, it is necessary to control the speed in the runner. If it is too fast, there will be burrs, which will also cause overfilling and burnout. If it is too slow, it will shrink and be easy to break. Therefore, during pouring, we must pay attention to controlling its processing speed to make the product quality meet the required requirements.

3. In the processing process, it is necessary to control the cooling time, and the specific time also needs to be determined according to the specific conditions of the processed products. The processing of injection mold will have a great impact on the brightness of products, so we must pay more attention.

When plastic shell is processed by injection molding, in order to ensure better processing quality, some work should be done before processing to make its processing conditions more suitable for mold injection molding processing.

Plastic shell injection molding process description: the mold is a tool for producing plastic products. It is composed of several groups of parts, in which there is a molding cavity. During injection molding, the mold is clamped on the injection molding machine, the molten plastic is injected into the molding mold cavity, cooled and molded in the cavity, and then the upper and lower molds are separated. The product is ejected from the mold cavity through the ejection system, and finally the mold is closed for the next injection molding. The whole injection molding process is cyclic.


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