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Influence of injection molding part design on mold processing

Release time:2024-04-09

1. Good product structure

(1) The product design should try to avoid unnecessary side concave and the use of mold core pulling mechanism, so as to simplify the structure of the mold, which is conducive toMold processing

(2) Plastic products should have appropriate wall thickness and uniform wall thickness change. If the wall thickness is too small, it will lead to excessive flow resistance and lack of glue; If the wall thickness is too large, it will cause waste of raw materials and serious shrinkage; Where the wall thickness changes suddenly, stress concentration will occur, resulting in deformation. Therefore, when designing products, the wall thickness should be as consistent as possible or the change should be uniform and smooth.

(3) Some parts of injection molded parts should be designed into rounded corners, which can avoid the problem of edge cleaning in mold processing, and also increase the firmness of the mold. At the same time, other parts of the plastic part, such as the parting surface or the fit between the core and the cavity, should not be designed as rounded corners. Otherwise, it will cause difficulties in parting and complicate the mold, which is not conducive to mold processing.


2. Reasonable scale

The size of the product drawing should be complete, neither more nor less. Insufficient size will make the mold designer at a loss, and excessive size may cause the key size out of control, which is not conducive to mold processing.

3. Reasonable tolerance

Too strict tolerance will increase the difficulty of mold design and mold cost. Therefore, the formulation of product dimensional tolerance should be carefully analyzed.

4. Reasonable surface requirements

Too much surface requirements will increase the cost of mold processing. A certain etch depth corresponds to a certain draft angle. Too much etch depth will cause the product to be drawn out of the mold.

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