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Existing process of plastic shell processing

Release time:2023-06-27

Plastic shellThere are many processing procedures. Many friends know little about the professional knowledge of plastic shell processing procedures, but today we need to pay attention to it, because the next thing we want to talk about is what the processing procedures are in the case of plastic shell processing, so that we can have a clear understanding of the processing procedures of plastic shell, so that we can more effectively process plastic shell, so as to ensure the processing speed of plastic shell.

The first step in the plastic shell processing process is the selection of relevant materials. There are many kinds of plastic shell materials, including PC materials, PP materials, ABS materials, ABS PC materials and other materials. We must select the required plastic shell materials according to the specific situation.

After the selection of plastic shell materials is completed, all we need is to start the plastic shell processing link. The mixing and air drying link in the plastic shell processing process is coming. The key role of this link is to solve the moisture in the plastic shell raw materials, make the plastic shell raw materials meet the processing and use specifications, and prevent some defects in the plastic shell caused by material problems, endangering the quality of all plastic shells.

After the mixing and drying of the plastic shell, we rush to the process of plastic shell injection molding. In the process of injection molding, we should pay attention to three aspects, namely, the temperature of plastic shell injection molding, the injection rate and the injection method. These three problems directly endanger whether the plastic shell can reach the standard of product quality, which must be paid great attention to. The temperature should not be too high or too low, maintained at 240~320 °, and the injection rate should not be too fast or too slow, which should meet the thermal stress bearing range of the inner cavity of the plastic shell. Various injection methods must be selected for injection.


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