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Structure design of plastic shell mold

Release time:2023-04-06

Plastic shellWhat are the structural design ideas of the mold? Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic concept, multi-color plastic shell mold has become a very popular plastic shell mold product. What are the processes of two-color injection molding?

1、 Process analysis of plastic shell

Before the mold planning, the planner should fully analyze and discuss whether its plastic products comply with the injection molding processing principle. The demand has been carefully negotiated with the product planner and an agreement has been reached. It includes necessary notes on the shape, dimensional accuracy and appearance requirements of the product, so as to avoid unnecessary clutter during two-color injection molding.


2、 Plastic shell mold structure planning

A set of high-quality molds requires not only good processing equipment and skilled two-color injection molding workers, but also a very important factor is to have a good mold planning, especially for disordered molds. The quality of mold planning accounts for more than 80% of the mold quality. Good mold planning is to make the processing cost low, the processing difficulty small and the processing time short on the premise of meeting the requirements of customers. To achieve this, we should not only thoroughly digest the requirements of customers, but also understand the injection molding machine, processing technology, mold structure and the processing capacity of the mold factory itself. Therefore, to improve the level of mold planning, the following points should be achieved:

1. Understand every detail of each set of mold planning and the purpose of each part in the mold.

2. Go to the factory to understand the process of processing products, and know the characteristics and limitations of each process.

3. Understand the test results and mold modification status of the planned mold, and learn from experience.

4. Try to choose the mold structure with successful planning.

5. When planning, refer to the previous similar planning to understand the situation of its mold processing and product production process, and learn from experience and experience.

6. Learn more about the working process of injection molding machine and deepen the connection between mold and injection molding machine.

7. Learn more about the impact of mold water on the product.

8. Discuss some special mold structures and learn the latest mold skills.

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