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Maintenance method of large medical device shell

Release time:2023-06-01

Large medical devices are relatively expensive products, and their volume is also relatively large, so it is troublesome to maintain them in case of problems. Therefore, its maintenance is very important. If there are problems, don't panic. If you can solve them, you will know how to do it after reading the following.


1. For important largeMedical device shell, preventive maintenance methods must be adopted. In other words, instruments and equipment can be used for a longer time only through normal maintenance, which requires the staff handling and maintenance of the medical device shell to carry out the necessary inspection, adjustment, refueling, replacement of vulnerable parts and other maintenance work on the equipment regularly or irregularly as planned, so as to prevent the equipment from damaging more expensive parts due to some minor faults.

2. For emergency equipment, it is necessary to rush to repair and quickly eliminate faults. Due to the low utilization rate and long shelving time of the rescue equipment, the method of regular maintenance and inspection is adopted. Because the first-aid equipment in each department is not maintained by special personnel, the equipment often fails when patients need to be rescued. On the one hand, it is because the instrument is not often used and dust accumulates for a long time, resulting in short circuit and damage of the line. On the other hand, the operator's operation error led to the machine failure. Therefore, in addition to regular inspection, the rescue equipment of each department must be maintained by special personnel.

3. For high-risk equipment, that is, high-risk equipment, the medical device shell processing operators must be trained and assessed, and must operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures. They must check whether the current situation operates normally and be managed by special personnel.

4. For general equipment, repair it when it breaks down. Summarize the practice of processing and maintenance of medical device shell in recent years. After receiving the instrument, first analyze the fault phenomenon and determine the source of the fault, and then use a certain test method to analyze and test step by step to determine the maintenance or replacement of the faulty components.

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