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Processing technology of medical device shell

Release time:2022-05-18

stayMedical device shellDuring the processing of, the first thing to do is to carry out blanking processing. When the good blanking is completed, the next process needs to be carried out. In this process, it needs to bend it. Bending accuracy can reflect the process accuracy of sheet metal processing and the use effect of products after forming. Therefore, before processing the shell of medical devices, it is necessary to understand and design these data in order to obtain more accurate sheet metal processing results.

At the same time, in the process of riveting, spot welding and tapping of the shell of medical devices, it is also necessary to control the corresponding nut, stud and mold forms, so that good working effects can be achieved in the processing process. In addition, in the process of bending, you need to select the corresponding tools, and the upper and lower molds need to move in the working process, which requires not only the overall effect of sheet metal processing, but also the production effect of molds.


The development of medical device shells is becoming more and more detailed, and there are more and more requirements for parts. After the shell is formed, it needs to be polished smooth to avoid scratching the equipment. The thin plate parts of the chassis shell have the disadvantages of easy deformation and the advantages of easy shaping.

Cutting, bending and welding are different from machining. Metal processing shall be carried out according to the engineering drawings. When installing and assembling integral parts or components, no matter the clearance fit or interference fit, the probability of secondary processing is very small. However, through cutting, bending and welding thin plate parts, different degrees of deformation and error will occur due to stress.

There are more and more medical device shells, which are directly related to the beauty, firmness and process display. Safety performance is particularly important. While achieving good results, special attention should be paid to safety performance in the overall planning and design of medical device shells.

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