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Packaging requirements for plastic shell

Release time:2022-05-27

1、Plastic shellIt must be placed neatly in the box, and the number of each layer must be uniform.

2. Do not squeeze the plastic shell. Paper outer box packaging requires a certain distance between plastic shells, about 5mm. Avoid friction and scratching during handling.

3. Each layer must be completely covered with pearl cotton or other paper to isolate the plastic shell below. Use a few small pieces of paper as the interlayer, and the surrounding joints should be more than 30mm, so as to avoid disjointing and scratching the lower plastic shell.

4. Paper outer box. The number of packages shall not exceed 300, and the interlayer must be padded with slightly thick paper or other items.


5. For white or plastic shell with only transparent varnish sprayed on the surface, it must be packed with an outer box and laminated paper to ensure cleanliness. If possible, it is best to pack each box in a clean plastic bag.

6. The packing of the outer box shall not exceed 20mm below the sealing line, and the rubber box shall not exceed 50mm below the box opening, so as to avoid crushing and scratching when the plastic shell is stacked.

7. After the plastic shell is sprayed with paint or silk screen printing, be sure to confirm whether the plastic shell is sufficiently dry before packaging to avoid sticky bag printing.

8. The weight of small pieces shall not exceed 1kg and the quantity shall not exceed 2000 pieces. (purchased materials or long-term stored plastic shells need to be packed in another outer box)

9. All packaging bags / boxes must be sealed and sealed in time, and the corresponding material labels must be immediately affixed.

10. The material label must be filled in according to the space requirements, and the name of the Inspector / packer must be indicated.

11. All purchased plastic shells shall be neatly packed with plastic bags or other packaging materials. Avoid stacking, squeezing, collision and scraping during transportation.

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