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Production process and coating process of medical device shell

Release time:2023-07-20

With the continuous development of medical means, medical devices have played a very important role. As we all know, the R & D and manufacturing of any product are completed through design, drawing, mold opening, molding, mass production and other links,Medical device shellThe same is true. However, compared with other instruments, it has strict requirements for the required tightness and accuracy.

The manufacturer of the medical device shell will make one or more shells according to the design drawings before the mold is formed, and test the products in various aspects to find various defects in the use of the products and correct them in time, and then make a new medical device shell and test it again. Repeat the manufacturing process until no defects are detected in the formed medical device shell. Then make a mold according to the medical device shell to form a production process.


In recent years, the mold internal coating in the plastic shell manufacturing industry has developed rapidly in plastic processing, that is, the electrostatic coating is used to paint the inner wall of the mold. When the plastic is molded, the surface coating of plastic parts is completed at the same time, and the shell of medical devices is also used.

Because the plastic molding temperature is high, which is conducive to the curing of the coating, and the roughness of the mold itself is very low, so the coating surface is very smooth and glossy. After the shell of the medical device is formed, lift the mold slightly, inject high pressure into the IMC, and close the mold under high pressure to fully expand the IMC. After hardening, demoulding can make the surface of the shell of the medical device very flat and smooth, and high-quality decorative products can be obtained at a low cost. The formed parts can be immediately packed or sent for assembly, which is very convenient.

The coatings used in this technology are solvent-free coatings, and there is no discharge of organic solvents during the operation, so there is no environmental pollution, and the coating utilization rate is very high, which avoids heavy coating operations, does not need special coating equipment, and completes coating together during injection molding. This should be the development direction of plastic coating in the housing industry of medical devices, and should be paid great attention to.

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