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Materials for preventing yellowing of security camera shell

Release time:2022-06-10

In the early years, the choice of smart cameras limited to industrial and commercial applications has gradually entered our lives. Nowadays, with the construction of Ping'an City, security cameras are everywhere. With the development of science and technology, security cameras have also moved away from the traditional mode and towards intelligence,Security camera shellWhat material is used to prevent yellowing?

Security cameras can meet the problems of public security management, urban township management, accident prevention, production environment supervision and so on. Now they have been widely used in large residential areas and office buildings, realizing the information sharing and collaboration between various systems, making the property operation and maintenance management more convenient.


In the light-weight era of replacing steel with plastic, more and more security camera shells are made of plastic. Considering the particularity of the outdoor camera use environment, in order to meet its requirements of not fading in the wind and rain, special materials for security camera shells and UV resistant ASA materials are required. The performance characteristics of these materials are:

(1) It has good weather resistance and extraordinary durability in natural environment. It can maintain the stability of performance and color even if it is exposed to the harsh environment of UV, humidity, heat and cold for a long time;

(2) UV aging test for 168 hours, color difference value is less than 0.5;

(3) At the same time, it has the mechanical properties of engineering plastics, such as high strength, high impact resistance, good toughness and outstanding thermal stability;

(4) Good corrosion resistance and chemical resistance;

(5) The colors are rich and colorful, which can meet the customized requirements of customers for appearance colors;

(6) Products comply with ROHS, reach and other standards, can be recycled and reused, and are green.

Security camera is a common security product in our life. With the development of the times, more and more intelligent technologies, including the integration of machine vision, face recognition, intelligent analysis and video surveillance technology, have cameras in all walks of life. Their emergence has brought great convenience and help to our production and life. ASA material used for the shell of security camera has great market potential.

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