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Deep hole drilling of die processing technology

Release time:2022-08-16

Deep hole drilling is widely used in injection moldingMold processingIn this method, a special numerical control lathe or other numerical control lathe is required to connect with the deep hole drilling equipment, such as the numerical control lathe. The actual operation of milling on the plane is different from that of ordinary planer or CNC lathe in four aspects:

① The drilling depth of the CNC lathe can be very large.

② The support point of the drill can be very close to the product workpiece, such as the milling fixture.

③ The cutting edge of the drill bit is immediately wetted and cooled by the working pressure.

④ The drill can drill through solid raw materials without pre drilling.


Processing process characteristics of deep hole drill mold processing:

1. Gun drill raw materials

The deep hole drill die processes the working middle end of a drill made of cemented carbide tools. Harder than spring steel and longer service life. The top of the head is soldered into a long seamless steel pipe, and the other end of the seamless steel pipe is fixed on the chuck top of the CNC lathe. When the working end is newly upgraded, it is about 40mm long, and the cutting edge can be reground until the remaining length cannot play a guiding role in the hole. The less the middle end of the work, the greater the risk of deviation.

2. Cutting edge of drill

The cutting angle of the cutting edge depends on the raw material to be cut. The short edge is about 30 ° and the long edge is about 20 °. This is the significant difference between fried dough twist drill and deep hole drill. There is no chisel edge, but the drill bit is very sharp. The V-shaped cutting edge specified in the text rotates around the drill bit management center and WV groove to keep the drill bit on the management center. Even if the cutting edge is far away from the guiding sleeve inside the product workpiece, it can still work. When the drill bit processed by the deep hole drilling die gradually enters the product workpiece, the 3 / 4 cylinder at the top of the head and the top can show stronger guidance than the narrow edge on the fried dough twist drill bit, which is conducive to avoiding the deviation of the drill bit.

3. Accurate positioning of drill bit

In the mold processing, the method of similar milling fixture is used. The pin hole belongs to the drill and is supplied with the drill. The guiding property of the pin hole is fixed on the equipment on the top of the chip discharge box, which is used to collect the returned coolant and chips and accurately position the drill bit. The guiding surface is firmly fixed on the surface of the product workpiece, so that the coolant and chips returned from the chip chute can enter the chip box without leakage.

4. Cooling of cutting edge

There is a hole on the whole length of the drill bit during the processing of the deep hole drill die. The coolant can be sucked in according to the high pressure. The inlet and outlet of the coolant are just behind the cutting edge to cool and wet the drill bit, so as to minimize the rolling friction of the hole. The coolant can also open its mouth according to the fan shape of the drill bit to break the chips. Then, the coolant is separated from the chips, filtered and sucked in again.

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