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Precautions for customized mold of medical device shell

Release time:2022-07-12

Medical device housingThe custom-made manufacturers choose thick sheet Blister processing technology to improve the product performance. Thick sheet Blister is the whole process of product production and processing. After packaging in the blister post through a series of design process, the application links related to thick sheet Blister require more rational practical effects and give the product more beautiful appearance. Therefore, attention should be paid to the solution of blister.

Whether the temperature of the mold is within the standard range, because under the condition that the temperature of the material pipe cannot be developed, the setting of the mold temperature, although it belongs to the scope of the technical parameters of the processing process, will also show uneven gluing. Pay attention to the solution of the high-speed punching machine produced by the blister packaging factory, integrate the products solved by blister, and pay attention to the application of the blade in the whole cutting process, Ensure that the flatness of the vicinity reaches a relatively satisfactory effect.


Whether the boring time of the material is reached, resulting in air lines and indentation in some areas of the mold; The manufacturer of medical device shell shall pay attention to the thin thickness of Blister products, the temperature changes during the production process, and the thin thickness of the products after release, and carry out temperature care, and place the mold composite parts after release.

In the process of product production, pay attention to the scratches and hanging lines of the product. The slightly larger product specification is slightly related to the mold temperature, because if the mold temperature is insufficient, the cooling of the product is not uniform, and the folding is not the same, which not only endangers the product specification, but also endangers the appearance. Therefore, special attention shall be paid to the packaging and cold stamping on the production line during the actual operation, and the temperature shall be adjusted by the thin thickness of the material to prevent the suspension of the wire in this case.

At present, the thick sheet Blister of the medical device shell manufacturer can replace the traditional injection mold processing, save the expensive injection molding cost, improve the performance of the manufactured products, and replace the traditional process manufacturing without change. With the above method, two rows of machine equipment can be installed in the server cabinet. One row is loaded, unloaded and transported from the middle door of the server cabinet, and the other row is loaded, unloaded and transported from the side door. The server cabinet shall be provided with adjustable straight sliding rail frame, which can improve the production and processing speed, ensure firm quality and excellent performance, and will be recognized by users in the product marketing process to enhance the advantages of the product.

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