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Design elements of medical device housing

Release time:2024-07-03

(1) Geometry and accuracy. The geometric dimension of the blister shell includes the dimension from the cutting surface to the forming surface and the dimension from the cutting surface to the cutting surface of the blister product, which is directly related to the thickness of the plate, the material characteristics and the forming process.

(2) Demoulding angle. The suction mold is composed of a female mold and a male mold with different demoulding angles. Generally speaking, the demoulding angle of the female mold is 0.5 ° ~ 1 °, and the demoulding angle of the male mold is 2 ° ~ 5 °.

(3)Medical device housingFillet of. The blister shell shall be designed as large as possible with rounded corners instead of sharp corners, and chamfered to ensure proper stress of the blister shell product.

(4) Aspect ratio. The width to depth ratio of Blister products for medical device shells is an important indicator to measure the difficulty of Blister molding. It indicates the ratio of the smaller width and depth of the product. The larger the value, the easier it is to form the Blister products. The smaller the value, the harder it is to form the Blister products.


Analysis of the defects in the thick plate plastic absorption process of the medical equipment shell

(1) Partial molding of the product is insufficient. The main reasons for the insufficient local molding of the thick plate Blister products of the medical device shell are as follows: the plasticity of the plate itself is poor; Insufficient vacuum between plate and mold; Excessive stretching of the plate; The mold temperature is low.

(2) Surface color defect of the product. The main reasons for the surface color defects of products are: insufficient heating; Excessive heating; The mold heating temperature is not high, resulting in the phenomenon of large color difference.

(3) Flow mark defect of the product. The main reasons for the flow mark defects of the products are: the temperature of the mold and the plate is low; Poor mold temperature control; Deviation occurs during the molding process.

(4) Wrinkle defect of the product. The wrinkle defects of products are mainly caused by: the plate is too sagging; Plate heating time is too long; The molding angle of the mold is too large.

(5) The surface of the product is not flat enough. The reasons for the defect that the surface of the product is not flat are mainly the following aspects: the cleanliness of the plate or mold is not enough; The vacuum hole of the mold is too large; Insufficient number of vacuum holes in the mold; The mold has a sheet-like structure and the like.

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