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Differences between security camera housings

Release time:2022-07-19

As we all know, with the rapid development of society, various situations have promoted the enrichment and diversification of security products, but security cameras still play an important role in security products. Generally speaking, the camera can be divided into a housing and a camera,Security camera housingIt is also divided into aluminum alloy security camera shell and plastic security camera shell. Because of the different materials, there are also differences in the use of the two.


The plastic security camera shell has problems with the heat dissipation of the camera, and the infrared light plate will generate a lot of heat. Only the metal security camera shell can conduct heat to the shell, so as to achieve heat dissipation.

For the camera, the heat dissipation of the infrared light plate is very important, because the infrared light plate is very sensitive to heat. Too high a temperature will cause the wavelength shift of the LED, the long-term failure of the internal light emitting point, and the deformation of the packaging gel will affect the light efficiency.

It is understood that the plastic security camera shell not only has an impact on the heat dissipation, but also has an important impact on the protection performance. Although the price of the plastic security camera shell is relatively low, the quality is not guaranteed, and the heat of the shell can not be completely dissipated. After a few months of use, a series of problems will appear in the product.

Product quality is more important than price. Therefore, the security camera housings produced are all made of metal aluminum alloy materials. Generally speaking, the higher the definition of the security camera, the greater the heat generation, and the better the heat dissipation performance of the shell configured with metal aluminum alloy. If it is used outdoors, the material protection grade of aluminum alloy is higher, and the stability of the shell will be better.

The aluminum alloy security camera shell produced has the advantages of excellent material, good performance, high level and elegant appearance.

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