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Environmental protection treatment of injection molding

Release time:2022-08-08

Speak ofInjection moldingWhat are the environmental protection treatment methods? The first thing to think of must be environmental protection. Environmental protection has always been the development concept responded by relevant national departments. No matter in any industry, it needs to develop in the direction of environmental protection. If you don't develop in the direction of environmental protection, you will be eliminated by the society sooner or later. This is especially true in the plastic injection molding industry. The pollution generated in the process of its processing needs to be treated with environmental protection to ensure that it will not cause greater pollution. What are the environmental protection treatment methods for injection molding?


The process of plastic injection molding is quite complex, whether it is blow molding, compression molding, injection molding and other links will cause more or less pollution. In order to make the environmental protection treatment method of injection molding more in place, it needs to be treated according to certain relevant methods.

1、 It is necessary to control the source, arrange the installation of relevant environmental protection treatment equipment, and reduce the threat of plastic dust generated during processing through environmental protection treatment equipment. Good source control can not only reduce the cost of environmental protection, but also effectively reduce the impact of pollution.

2、 Relevant systems need to be well controlled. When dust pollution cannot be controlled from the source, it needs to be solved by using relevant system control. The installation of local corresponding dust removal equipment can effectively reduce the pollution sources generated in the processing process, better protect the health of operators and reduce the serious injury caused by pollution.

This is the environmental protection treatment method of injection molding. Through these two aspects, the pollution in the process of plastic injection molding can be effectively improved. The special processing factory pays attention to the synchronization of quality and environmental protection, so it pays great attention to the concept of environmental protection. If the processing manufacturer fails to do the basic environmental protection work, I am afraid it is difficult to guarantee the processing quality.

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